Episode 86 – Joyfully Generous

One of the most reliable ways to feel happier and to add positivity to your life is through altruism and being kind to people around you. This week, Happy Road takes a closer look at how generosity can be the key to better employee engagement and even higher team performance at work. Plus, another great batch of feel-good stories from this week’s news. And last but not least, Atley’s all-time favorite fitness tip… Don’t miss it!

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Show Notes:

This week’s Happy Road examines some of the work done by Dr. Raj Raghunathan and his students at UT Texas at Austin. They wanted to bring joy to others in order to boost their own happiness. But did they have the right idea?

Random acts of kindness are nothing new. Click through the link to find some interesting ideas on how you can take part.

Also on this week’s show: a discussion of how altruism can enhance your teams at work. A fascinating study published in PLOS One.

In this week’s roundup of happy news, a group called Chase the Chill warms up the world with free scarves and hats for all.

Find out how one Iraqi woman, Basma Hameed is making the world more beautiful, one tattoo at a time!

Ethan King is a 15 year-old with a passion for soccer. But more importantly, he runs his own charity dedicated to providing soccer balls to poor children all around the world. Take a look if you want to donate, or just to find out more about this interesting project!


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