Episode 84 – A Growth Mindset

This week’s show takes a look at how having a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed mindset can help you get ahead with your projects, challenges, and even overcome criticism. Also, learn some tips on how to deal with the fear of failure, and how to respond to naysayers on this very down-to-earth and practical episode.

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Show Notes:

Once again, I turn to Derek Sivers for inspiration. This time, his article on Fixed versus Growth Mindset is what got me interested. Although he didn’t invent it. That credit goes to Dr. Carol Dweck at Stanford University. Her work on Growth Mindset is available on her website, as well as in book form.

On the same topic, and also based on Dr. Dweck’s research, HuffPo printed an interesting article asking the question why some children give up on tasks more easily than others. This link is a bonus for Happy Road Show Notes readers, as I did not mention this at all on the air.

I did talk about an article by Neil Patel, which gives 4 Ways to Deal With the Fear of Failure.

And the last part of the segment on mindset involved some good advice on how to deal with criticism, thanks to Celestine Chua.

This week’s “Let’s Get Physical” once again dealt with the idea of dynamic stretching. Here is an example of a dynamic stretching routine that you might consider including as part of your regular workout program.



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