Episode 83 – Lost & Found

Getting lost isn’t the most pleasant experience, usually. But it’s inevitable that we do from time to time. So, where do you go when you get lost on life’s twisty turney journeys? This week, as part of a synchronistic Advent project, this episode touches on what it means to be lost, and you’ll learn about eight places you may not have thought about before, and how they can help you get un-lost.

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Show Notes:

As mentioned on the air, this is also part of an Advent project for St. John the Divine Church in Victoria, BC. More specifically, it involves a Spanish Catholic custom called Las Posadas, which I briefly explain on the show.

Here are a few interesting articles about being lost. They don’t go very far in saying where one might go if you ARE lost (which is the point of this podcast) they are, nonetheless, helpful to read too. The first is a HuffPo article giving some new directions to consider when lost.

The second is a more abstract piece on Tiny Buddha, a site I occasionally reference on the show…

Finally, a piece I didn’t address at all on the air, but one which did inspire at least one of my “places” to go when feeling lost, is a Forbes.com article about 8 reasons why people do get lost in the first place.

For the “Let’s Get Physical” segment, I talked about foam rolling and dynamic stretching before a workout. Here is a great infographic describing some of the exercises you might try with a foam roller, and what dynamic stretching might entail.

In this week’s “Too Afraid to Laugh” I talked about a police dog that got fired even before seeing any action. And promised to include a rather funny vid of a dog at an obedience show in Finland. Enjoy!


Music beds courtesy of Music Alley from Mevio and the Free Music Archive. Thanks to artists: ZeroV, Duane Carter Band, Gepel.