Episode 82 – Will You Be My Friend?

Picking up where Episode 81 left off, this is part 2 in a series on friendship. This week, explore all sorts of ideas on how to make new friends — the REAL kind, that will bail you out of jail if needed, or help you move house (although that might be a stretch).  Also this week, probably the best tip ever on how to get out of a fitness rut! Don’t miss it!

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Show Notes:

Starting this week’s show notes is a cross-reference to last week’s site, SucceedSocially.com. Bears repeating, because it is a worthwhile site.

This week, we took Grindr and Blendr for a spin. Results were very disappointing, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a try if you wish. Don’t think you’ll be able to find Atley Jonas on either of them, as he has already deleted his account from both.

One of our favourite ways to make new friends, is Meetup.com. It has its own drawbacks, but as far as finding groups of like-minded people goes, this is a top pick.

If you already have friends but perhaps want to meet some friends of friends within other circles, Grouper may be for you. And if nothing else, they’ll buy you a round of drinks for giving it a try.

A few other sites you may want to try, that didn’t make the cut for this episode (but may be worth testing out): Kupple.com, Mysocialpassport.com.

Finally, the Bustle.com article where many of these suggestions came from.



Music beds courtesy of Music Alley from Mevio and the Free Music Archive. Thanks to artists: ZeroV, Duane Carter Band, Gepel.