Episode 81 – No New Friends! YOLO!

What would life be without friends? As important as friends are in our lives, it can be shockingly difficult to make new friends as adults. This week’s show explores why, and offers some good, practical ideas on how to make new friends in spite of the challenges. This is the first in a two-part show on the topic of friendship.

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Show Notes:

Happy Thanksgiving, America! As you celebrate your holiday, it may interest you to learn WHY it’s celebrated on the day it is. The reasons may surprise you.

One president even dared to try and break from tradition by moving it to a different day. That went over like a lead balloon. Find out why on NPR.

Interested in comparing U.S. Thanksgiving with the Canadian version? Episode 77 of The Happy Road Ahead is the one you’re after. It’s got all the info you need.

The New York Times ran a wonderful article by Alex Williams, outlining the difficulties adults over 30 face when making new friends. It’s not the cheeriest piece to read, but there’s a lot of truth to it.

Sophia Dembling offers some nice tips for making friends, from the introvert’s perspective. A worthwhile read.

Another great site outlining some ways to make new friends, while also giving some other valuable advice on social situations, is SucceedSocially.com. Simple, but well done.

Finally, if you are female, (sorry, gentlemen), and looking for friends to spend time with, Bustle suggested these three sites: girlfriendcircles.com, girlfriendsocial.com, and www.socialjane.com.

But don’t despair, men. Stay tuned next week for some ideas on other sites where you ARE welcome, along with the results of some social experimenting I did for the sake of this podcast. Plus, a whole lot more in the way of friendship-building resources!


…To Be Continued!


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