Episode 78 – Compare

This week’s show is all about making comparisons. For starters, why is it a bad idea to compare yourself to others? And what can you gain by comparing yourself to your old self? Then, continuing with the theme of comparisons, we compare all different kinds of options for activity tracking and physical fitness tracking so you can find the right apps and devices for the task.

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Show Notes:

I promised a recipe for bourbon baked apples. Well, here it is. While the original was made to be used as a waffle topping, believe me — it tastes just fine as a stand-alone dessert too.

Here is a link to the original Henrick Edberg article on the Positivity Blog that inspired this week’s show. You can read about Edberg’s three-step process on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

When you compare yourself with others, you are likely measuring with a crooked yardstick. This journal article explains why.

Zen Habits talks about ways to promote self-compassion as an alternative to boosting self-esteem.

Watch this brief vid that shows what just a little bit of thankfulness can do.

This article may be just a little dated (which will only get worse) but here are the 64 top fitness apps for 2013.

At the beginning of October 2014, PC Magazine published a comprehensive comparison of the fitness and activity tracker devices that are out there now.


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