Episode 73 – Long Time No See!

A wise teacher taught me the value of returning to one’s roots and revisiting the basics from time to time. This week’s all about revisiting some previous people & places previously featured on Happy Road, and seeing what they’re up to these days. But rest assured, this is not a re-run episode! Then, a brand new crowd funded video game for the blind, but that anyone will be able to play, and the next tip in the ongoing “how to get out of a fitness rut” series.

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Show Notes:

Remember Derek Sivers? I definitely do! Check out his site for some cool, new articles since I last mentioned his work on the show.

Gavin Aung is the artist behind Zen Pencils. One of his more recent works was the illustration of a Maya Angelou poem, Phenomenal Woman. Here is a great Youtube vid of her reciting her poem. But be sure to also enjoy Gavin Aung’s illustrated comic version. I think it’s quite brilliant!

Adam Grant is someone who believes that we can boost our own happiness by being helpful to others. He’s a popular prof. at Wharton, and author of a new book, Give and Take.

Joe Peacock is another great name from Happy Road past. He is well-known on the net as a journalist, and as someone who has learned to beat depression.

Here is the link to a new game in the works. It’s a crowd funded project meant to be a video game for the blind. It’s all about sound rather than sight, and might prove to be an interesting challenge for the sighted and blind alike.

Want more information on supersets? Here is a basic primer.



Music beds courtesy of Music Alley from Mevio and the Free Music Archive. Thanks to artists: ZeroV, Duane Carter Band, Gepel.