Episode 72 – Things I’ve Learned This Week

The title of this week’s show says it all. These are bits of info I did not know at this time a week ago, but do now, thanks to the Inter-webs. Learning new things inspires me and makes me happy and maybe it will do the same for you. Listen in and find out about how we live in the past, the value in focusing on systems rather than goals, how not to fall victim to some common tourist scams, and some other random and fun things too. Also, don’t forget this week’s segment on physical health. Does exercising longer give you more benefits? Find out!

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Show Notes:

With the tragic suicide death of actor and comedian Robin Williams still fresh in our minds, I noted on the show, that Happy Road has covered the topic of depression several times over the past year and a half. Most notably, in Episode 26 and Episode 68.

Some advice regarding goals versus systems from the Blog of James Clear.

Episode 30 of the You Are Not So Smart podcast, featuring David McRaney and special guest David Epstein, author of NY Times Bestseller, The Sports Gene.

Check out this cool iPhone app: Knit. It allows you to send a message to people when they arrive at a specific location.

Traveling this summer? Be sure you don’t get taken in by one of the 40 most common scams to steal money from tourists.

A Danish study on how 30 minutes of exercise can be as effective (if not more) than 60 minutes.



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