Episode 68 – Summertime Blues

According to Eddie Cochran, there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues. But this week we put that to the test and look at some great ways to stay productive even if you’re depressed. Also this week, some thoughts on the idea that everyone’s beautiful, lending a voice to those who have been silenced, and a musical way to get out of a fitness routine rut!

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Show Notes:

Here is a link to the original article that made up the main segment for today’s show. Remember, that it’s not the article itself (which is very minimal) but all of the user comments that follow. Normally I wouldn’t even bother with including such a thing but for the sake of completeness and due diligence in properly citing and crediting sources, it is provided herein.

If you’re interested in gamifying your daily life, here are some smartphone apps you can try. There’s LifeRPG for Android and Windows phones, and for iPhone, there’s Epic Win, and HabitRPG.

Check out the Give My Voice campaign, an initiative of the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

This is the source for some of the things I’ll be talking about in the coming weeks on Happy Road’s Let’s Get Physical segment… 17 Science-Backed Ways to Bust Out of A Workout Rut by Alexandra Duron, as presented by Greatist.com, in cooperation with Crunch, a fitness gym chain.

Here’s a great place to start putting together your new workout playlist: jog.fm. Not mentioned on the show, but another fantastic resource (this is where I get all MY fixed BPM workout mixes) is Podrunner by DJ Steveboy.


Music beds courtesy of Music Alley from Mevio and the Free Music Archive. Thanks to artists: ZeroV, Duane Carter Band, Gepel.