Episode 67 – Mottainai!

This week, learn all about the history of a poignant Japanese word that has the power to criticise and inspire! A diverse episode that moves quickly, covering many different aspects of a very common expression, with even a bit of Monty Python thrown in for good measure. Later in the show, answering the question of how often a person should do an ab workout.

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Show Notes:

Learn more about the Japanese term mottainai (もったいない).

A unique Japanese ceremony that embodies the spirit of mottanai by laying old sewing needles to rest: hari kuyo.

Then, an article on Mind Body Green that talks about 8 Traits of People Who Reach Their Full Potential, by Tejal Patel.

This week there isn’t too much to add to the show notes, so here’s a music video of my favourite J-Pop artist, Kyari Pamyu Pamyu performing her latest single: Mottai  Night Land — a play on words for mottainai.

Finally, a good, short primer on some of the strength training principles I touched on in this week’s Let’s Get Physical segment.


Music beds courtesy of Music Alley from Mevio and the Free Music Archive. Thanks to artists: ZeroV, Duane Carter Band, Gepel.