Episode 64 – 2014 World Cup Edition Redux

Using last week’s World Cup theme as a starting point, Happy Road looks at some interesting parallels between sports coaching, and life, career, or wellness coaching. Learn how these principles can apply to your own life. In this week’s “Let’s Get Physical” segment, find out how to condition your muscles and become strong without necessarily gaining big, bulky muscles. Often a concern for women, but the reality of lifting heavy weights might surprise you!

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Show Notes:

When it comes to coaching, it has become popular to employ life coaches, career coaches or wellness coaches to help achieve particular goals. But all of these take their cues from the sports field, which is the arena for the traditional definition of coaching.

Here are 30 soccer coaching tips from Surefiresoccer.com on how to motivate players. You can see how some of the ideas and concepts can be cross-applied to other aspects of life.

As an added bonus, here is a collection of motivational quotes from famous coaches! I never got a chance to mention it on the show, but that’s what show notes are for, right?

Popsugar talked to healthy chef, Katy Clark, who gave three tips on having an effective and successful strength workout routine. This was a click-through from another article that shares the truth that women don’t get bulky muscles simply by lifting heavy weights. This is true! I was taught the same thing when I was studying to become a trainer.


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