Episode 60 – Five More Types of Demotivation

Are you still demotivated after Episode 58? In this show, I wrap up some loose ends from that episode and present another 5 types of demotivation, as well as some strategies on how to deal with them. Then, some kid’s stuff to make your week just a bit more fun!

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Show Notes:

Blogger Cath Duncan believes there are many distinct types of demotivation out there, and it’s important to treat each one appropriately, rather than taking a one-tool-fits all approach! This week, I look at the remainder of her 10 types of demotivation.

Yes! Introverts DO get lonely. In fact, it can become quite a problem. This Psychology Today article explains.

See how well you can identify Crayola’s 64 crayon colours with Buzzfeed’s Great Crayola 64 Quiz of Impossibility.

What’s the best children’s book of all time? You get to decide!



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