Episode 58 – What Demotivates You?

Would you fix a loose screw with a hammer rather than a screwdriver? It’s important to have the right tool to fix a particular problem. In the same way, it makes sense that not all demotivation has the same root cause, so to overcome a particular hurdle it might be best to resolve it in the right way. Then, find out the secret to rock-hard, six-pack abs on this week’s “Let’s Get Physical” segment!

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Show Notes:

Blogger Cath Duncan believes there are many distinct types of demotivation out there, and it’s important to treat each one appropriately, rather than taking a one-tool-fits all approach!

“Fake it till you make it.” Do you believe in this idea? There’s a body of evidence that says there might be some truth to it.

But then again, other research also indicates the contrary.

Looking to get rock-hard, six-pack abs? There may be several good reasons why you’re not succeeding. This article gives a good overview of what I talk about on this week’s show.


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