Episode 57 – Ommm! (Part 2)

Picking up where last week’s show about meditative activities left off, this week we learn about some of the benefits that meditation has to offer; plus reviews of three different mobile apps to help you bring down your stress and anxiety levels. In this week’s “Let’s Get Physical,” find out why what you may have always been taught about stretching could be wrong!

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Show Notes:

For starters, have a read through this Psychology Today article about how meditation can change gene expression. Fascinating stuff!

If you’re curious about some of the other research that’s been done on meditation, Wikipedia has a good primer on the topic.

Here are the three apps I reviewed on this week’s show:

The underlying theory behind Personal Zen is ABMT (attention bias modification training). Again, Wikipedia has a good article about this.

Although the overview I’ve given on stretching is pretty complete, here is a rather comprehensive article that describes the differences between all the types of stretching you may encounter.

A 2011, peer-reviewed journal article about static versus dynamic stretching as part of a pre-activity practice. Pretty heady stuff, but well worth reading if you’re interested in this topic.



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