Episode 56 – Motorcycle Meditation (Part 1)

There’s an old biker saying, that you’ll never find a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist’s office. And wouldn’t you know it, there might actually be a lot more truth to that than you think. Find out why on this week’s program. Happy Road explores how certain activities can have many of the same beneficial effects as sitting on a cushion and chanting “Om!” In fact, there was so much to talk about, that this episode had to be split in half, with the remaining portion airing on Episode 57, where we look at some of the neuroscience behind meditation, but also some really cool apps to help you in your meditative practice.

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Show Notes:

Here is an interesting article that would indicate that certain activities, in particular hunting and fishing, can be considered meditative and help sufferers of PTSD.

Another article explored various activities that could be done mindfully in order to achieve the same meditative effects as passive, seated meditation practice.

Lifehacker got in on the action too, with an article on activities that could be done mindfully as a form of meditation.

A grad student on a motorcycle forum asked riders for feedback on riding as a meditative practice, and the range of responses he got is quite fascinating and amazing.

Here is also a chapter on the difference between actual seated meditation, and activities being done meditatively, at least according to Vipassana, which is a Buddhist religious following from the Theravada tradition.

The rest of the links and info on this topic will be in next week’s show notes, just in time for the conclusion of this two-part series, so be sure to listen in and check the website too!


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