Episode 54 – Meh, I’ll Do It Tomorrow

I was going to write up a show description, but I think I’ll just do it tomorrow. Or not. This week’s main topic is procrastination. What causes it? How do we overcome it? Happy Road examines a bit of both the psychology and neuroscience. Also, a related piece about being busy, and finally, a health and wellness segment that’s meant for the Baby Boomers. Tune in this week and get your weekly dose of inspiration with The Happy Road Ahead.

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Show Notes:

For those who are prone to procrastination, there is an entire section of the Department of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa dedicated to studying it.

Carleton’s Dr. Pychyl talks about what causes procrastination in this Psychology Today article. In another article, he prescribes a mindful breathing exercise to help overcome the anxiety associated with beginning a task that you’re trying to avoid.

Dt. Pychyl also hosts an occasional podcast dedicated to the subject of procrastination.

When we procrastinate, we still have to do the task later, but now, with less time to do it in. Here’s an interesting reflection on Slate.com by Hanna Rosin, on being busy, and busyness in general.

Here’s a random link about the Top 10 Ways to Prepare Kale. If you listened to this week’s show, you’ll understand the reference…

This week’s “Let’s Get Physical” segment addresses the issue of Baby Boomers getting to be more obese. Not because of one big thing, but a combination of many, little things.


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