Episode 52 – Sabi Wabi

A revisit of the wabi-sabi concept from last week. But this time, the focus is on wabi-sabifying different aspects of our lives — from home to workplace, and from personal appearance, to the foods we eat. Learn more about the transformational elements of this unique concept, and why it may not be as unique as the Japanese might think. Some Western philosophers sound off on how wabi-sabi is present even outside its Japanese roots and origins. Then, listen to an all-new ‘Let’s Get Physical’ for some truly unique and unusual benefits to exercise that you’d never even dream of! Finally, a bit of luck o’ the Irish with a bit on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day to create some wonderful family memories.

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Show Notes:

In a revisit of last week’s wabi-sabi, here are some more resources that I mentioned on the show.

First, the source article for 6 tips on wabi-sabifying your life, courtesy of WholeLiving.com.

This article was put together with the collective wisdom of two wabi-sabi experts and authors, Leonard Koren, and Richard R. Powell. If you click on their names, you’ll be taken to an Amazon page for their books on wabi-sabi.

In addition, Richard R. Powell did an an interesting interview for Beliefnet, where he talked about the relationship between wabi-sabi and Christianity, being that he is also a Christian.

Finally, an interesting, little article on making St. Patrick’s Day a way to adopt new family traditions.



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