Episode 51 – Wabi Sabi

Would you believe, that the secret to getting things done may not involve motivation at all? In fact, what if you were to learn that motivation can be harmful? Why would a podcast about motivation even consider such a thing? And further yet, where does the Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi fit into all of this? What IS wabi-sabi, for that matter? Find out on this week’s show as we explore the negative side of happiness, and how one self-help guru’s theories are turning the whole concept of being motivated sideways.

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Show Notes:

This week, learn from the somewhat counter-intuitive wisdom of Oliver Burkeman. He is also the author of two books, which are available on Amazon.

Read a study showing that positive self-affirmations may not be effective for the people who need them the most.

A study explaining how positive visualization techniques can lead to decreased performance.

What is wabi-sabi? Here is one article that attempts a pretty decent explanation.


Music beds courtesy of Music Alley from Mevio and the Free Music Archive. Thanks to artists: ZeroV, Duane Carter Band, Gepel.