Episode 44 – 10,000

We’ve heard it countless times: practice makes perfect. How much practice does it take to be perfect, though? Some experts figure about 10,000 hours. This week, we explore the 10,000 hour rule and some interesting criticisms of it, along with Atley’s Principle of Sufficiency. Then, a brand new segment comes to Happy Road! Find out what it is, and how it might get YOUR heart going in 2014. Don’t miss this week’s show!

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Show Notes:

Have you ever heard of the 10,000 Hour Rule? If not, author Malcolm Gladwell explains the concept in his book, Outliers.

Many have criticized the 10,000 hour concept, including Time Magazine — an article that Gladwell himself refuted.

But also, scientist Temple Grandin, who has overcome many personal struggles to achieve mastery of her technique.

Notably, Daniel Coyle, with his reflection on how the 10,000 hour rule leads to number-counting.

Then, learn more about cardiovascular health in a brand new show segment introduced this week, where topics of physical health, exercise, and nutrition are discussed.



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