Episode 42 – A Year in Review

It’s the final show of 2013! Join Atley Jonas on a retrospective journey back through some of this year’s best, most inspiring, most interesting, and enjoyable episodes. Plus, three new segments, all food-related, to finish of the year. Thank you to everyone for listening, happy holidays, and see you all in 2014!

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Show Notes:

On this week’s show I highlight clips from some of the year’s best episodes. Probably the best way to reference them, is simply by listing the links to each of these shows’ notes, which are all found on this website. But here are the shortcuts so you can find them quickly and easily.

Episode 1 – Emptying the Cups,

Episode 4 – Willpower Not Included,

Episode 5 – Powers of Nine,

Episode 9 – Shiawase No Michi,

Episode 13 – I’ve Decided to Have a Cup of Coffee,

Episode 16 – The Iowa Connection – Part II,

Episode 19 – Get Your Own Treasure House,

Episode 21 – All I Want to Do Is Dance,

Episode 26 – Summertime Blues,

Episode 28 – Reflecting on Happiness: Part I,

Episode 30 – Knowledge and Creativity in Bloom,

Episode 32 – Inspired by Acute Nasopharyngitis,

Episode 35 – The Haunted Road Ahead!,

Episode 37 – Agnoiology & Remembrance,

Episode 39 – Romanes Eunt Domus!,

Episode 40 – White Friday.

This week’s three new segments were all food related. The first, a re-Blog from HuffPo via. Bon Appetit: foods that look really cool when sliced in half.

Then, a curious story about how a Japanese delicacy, gobo, (burdock root) was mistaken for cruel and unusual punishment by WWII prisoners of war.

Finally, a Bon Appetit article reveals 25 ways to use Sriracha!



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