Episode 41 – Eppur Si Muove

True or False? Creativity is a trait that is highly valued in most modern organisations, and HR managers will actively seek out creative people to fill job vacancies? …If you answered “True,” then you really need to listen to this episode. Find out the surprising truth about creativity; why people don’t actually want to keep creative people around, reject creative ideas, and what a company REALLY needs to do if it wants to take the colourful path.

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Show Notes:

Why has The Happy Road Ahead switched to Version 4 of the Creative Commons license? Link goes to a page describing the differences between Version 3 and Version 4.

The idea that started this week’s episode: You can have an idea that everyone thinks is dumb.

What should a person know about creativity and creative people? Probably that it’s not as desirable a trait as it first might appear. This Slate article explains why.

The Bias Against Creativity: Why People Desire But Reject Creative Ideas. A study from Cornell University.

A book chapter by Barry M. Staw: Why No One Really Wants Creativity

The pain of social rejection is similar to actual, physical pain. Yes, Tylenol DOES work!

But social rejection can also help further stimulate even more creativity in some.

Here’s a bonus link, not mentioned on the podcast… A list of famous discoverers, scientists and inventors who were ridiculed for their work but later vindicated.



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