Episode 40 – White Friday

Be a part of the counter-culture! This week, Atley Jonas shares his Top Ten inspiring tips on making Black Friday about something other than a shopping frenzy of mob-like proportions. Then, if you’re a single man, learn the ultimate, scientifically proven tactic on how to pick up women. No joke! Results are guaranteed! Also, an interesting story of how one Japanese man rejected his well-paying job and became poor, jobless, and happy. Then finally, how a group of Colorado teens helped a homeless man in the most unexpected of ways!


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Show Notes:

First thing’s first… Hungry for more podcast awesomeness? Try Scott Johnson — he does some awesome work! He has also been a major source of inspiration for me to start podcasting as well.

Why would anyone want to drive themselves to insanity and beyond with Black Friday‘s chaos and insanity? How about some awesome alternatives that give the Friday after Thanksgiving new, richer meaning than a 32″ TV for a hundred bucks. You can take part in some of these next year, or roll your own, using some of the ideas from the show for inspiration. Some links to try:

Bless Friday – organized by a group of churches in Houston, Texas.

Buy Nothing Day, as created by Vancouver artist, Ted Dave, in 1992.

Every year, The Knights of Columbus organize a coat drive so people who can’t afford a warm coat for the winter can have one at no cost. Giveaways are often organized to fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

An interesting organization, StoryCorps encourages people to use Black Friday to mark the National Day of Listening, and record meaningful conversations with loved ones so their stories can be preserved for future generations.

A gym chain in Oklahoma City, OK, decided to give people free workouts if they were feeling guilty from the previous day’s Thanksgiving overindulgences.

GrowthBusters marked the day with an international, free movie screening.

Finally, Bozeman, Montana holds an annual charity event to support its local Help Center on Black Friday. Yes, it involves shopping, but there are no mobs and all the money goes to a good cause.

Male? Single? The secret to getting the women

The unique story of a dropout from Japanese society, Hisato Yamazaki. He’s jobless, poor, and loving it! Fool? Or Genius? That’s up for debate.

The unique generosity of a group of teens from Colorado Springs, CO, in helping a homeless man get back on his feet, in a most unusual way.


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