Episode 38 – Bring on the Ninjas

Check out 10 mistakes that many people make that stops them from being happy and healthy. It’s a good list, and a couple of items may surprise you. Then, this week’s standard dose of assorted silliness. But with 25% more ninjas, which means 90% more awesomeness in this week’s episode.

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Show Notes:

What’s stopping you from being happy? The original article that this week’s episode is based on…

Sir Ken Robinson’s epic TED Talk on how the educational system is killing creativity in children.

Another TED Talk by Brené Brown that explains the relationship between shame, vulnerability, and relationships between people. Apparently it’s one of the most popular and top-rated TED Talks of all time…

Some absolutely EPIC textbook doodles, courtesy of a bored Japanese high school kid…

What U.S. State would you be most comfortable in?

Fancy a new top level domain for your website? How about .ninja?


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