Episode 36 – Perfectly Mistaken

Why on earth would anyone choose to make mistakes on purpose? Believe it or not, there’s some pretty compelling and sound logic behind it. Find out what that might be in this week’s episode. Then, how a seemingly silly driver’s license regulation may actually be quite valuable. Plus, the REAL story behind one of the world’s most famous lawsuits, and how exploring beyond the ridicule and criticism reveals a far more complex truth. Finally, a heartwarming gesture by a couple that will make you smile!

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Show Notes:

The benefits behind making mistakes, explained by Paul Schoemaker and Robert Gunther in their 2006 Harvard Business Review article, The Wisdom of Deliberate Mistakes.

More recently, author John Caddell, another proponent of deliberate mistakes wrote his version of an article that outlines this principle.

Is God like a heavenly Persian carpet-maker who purposely puts flaws into his creations? Here is an interesting viewpoint.

How a board game is expected to save lives in a country suffering from high fatalities caused by road accidents involving cars.

Remember the infamous case of the woman who sued McDonalds for spilling hot coffee in her lap and getting millions? Well the story many not be what you think it is. Find out the real facts in a recent video made by The New York Times.

A couple in Atlanta, Georgia, decide to turn an unfortunate turn of fortune into a wonderful way to help local homeless people.


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