Episode 34 – Burp! Pass the Leftovers

Leftovers can be a great thing, especially after a Thanksgiving feast! Join Atley Jonas for an episode full of leftovery goodness, with bits and pieces that just couldn’t fit into other shows. Listen in to hear a beautiful Hindu parable, get the scoop on Spirit Day 2013, learn about how what you drink can say something about your personality, and Atley once again proves that there is still no escaping the Hawkeye state, with a heartwarming tale out of Iowa. All of that, and a whole lot more on this week’s episode of the Happy Road Ahead! Make sure you tune in.

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Show Notes:

An Iowa State University student loses his wallet… Gets it back with an extra $10 and an inspirational note from the good Samaritan who found it and returned it.

What is Spirit Day? It happens every year on October 17, and GLAAD explains the cause.

KATU News shares an inspiring story of a hundred strangers who came to show their support for a bullied teen in Salem, Oregon.

Some breathtaking photos of Wales taken at night, courtesy of Kris Williams on Flavorwire.

Also on Flavorwire, illustrations of Disney icons as collegiate characters, courtesy of Hyung.

What does your favorite beverage say about your personality? Find out with this silly story on Thrillist.

The LA Times finds out that advertising works. Better signs in parks results in people using them more.

Some retro fun. An full, online version of Super Mario Brothers all done in HTML5. Kiss your afternoon goodbye…

Lost deer hunter eats everything in the forest to survive… Except a deer.

High school senior gives drunk friend a ride home to help prevent drunk driving. Her high school shows that no good deed ever goes unpunished.



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