Episode 33 – So, What’s YOUR Story?

Storytelling is one of the most ancient arts in the world. We love a great story! Stories can be both inspirational and motivational, so tune in this week to find out some characteristics of what makes a great story, and how to become a better story teller. Then, Atley Jonas shares his story of how he came to live in Japan and some of the reasons for making such a huge transition.

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Show Notes:

What makes a good story? Forbes has some good tips on how becoming a great storyteller for your company can achieve some positive results.

Check out this book by Peter Gruber: Tell to Win. It’s all about storytelling in the corporate sense.

This week’s show notes are a bit on the short side, so here’s a little bonus. A list of inspirational resources by (and for) storytellers to help them get inspired. I’ve clicked through a number of the links, and they’re really good!


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