Episode 31 – Crash and Burn

What is burnout, and what does it mean when you’re burnt out? Listen in this week to find out, and learn some valuable strategies that might help you from getting there, and if you’re already smouldering, some helpful ways to put out the flames and get back on track to being inspired and motivated. Check out thehappyroadahead.com for show notes, with an added bonus — a link to a burnout quiz to help you determine where you stand in all of this.

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Show Notes:

How prevalent are mental illnesses in our society? FAR more common than you might think, according to the National Institutes of Health.

What does burnout mean? The U.S. National Library of Medicine has a good article about it.

If you need more info about burnout, and what can be done about it, this Blog article on iPersonic gives some good insight.

Finally, if you’re stressed out, here is some good advice on how to help reduce some of it.

Bonus: a burnout quiz. Not very scientific, but perhaps a good indicator of how close you might be to crashing and burning.



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