Episode 30 – Knowledge and Creativity in Bloom

Remember Derek Sivers and his thoughts about how creating and doing are a critical part of the inspirational cycle? Check out how both teaching and learning transform into creative, inspirational processes, and how developing communities where you move from being a spectator and listener, to becoming a teacher and leader can change your world. Then, a unique twist on GTD… GTF. What does that mean? Listen in and find out.


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Show Notes:

First, a little bit of pedagogical theory. Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains. Take home message: not all learning is equal.

This ties in with two concepts. First: Derek Sivers’s theory on the nature of inspiration, and Michelle Sun’s transformation from observer to participant, as exemplified with her Hong Kong-based AppJamming project.

What is GTF? It’s Robyn Scott’s variation on the theme of David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) method. But what does GTF stand for? Why, Getting Things Fun! The idea of assigning emotional context to GTD list tasks in order to enhance motivation through behavioral psychology. Really interesting stuff!


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