Episode 26 – Summertime Blues

Eddie Cochran had the summertime blues, and Lana Del Rey had summertime sadness. This summer, or whatever is left of it, we take a look at depression, and some strategies in dealing with it, as presented by two bloggers who suffer from it. Plus, some fun and useful sites to help you vent your fears and worries and even get some professional advice. We may not have a cure, but we do have a place to start.

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Show Notes:

Here is a link to the original HuffPo article written by Joe Peacock. But make sure you check out the articles on his Blog site where he talks about depression in more detail.

Here’s a good resource: an article by Rosalind Robertson – 21 Tips to Keep your Sh*t Together When You’re Depressed. (Language caution: may not be safe for work or kid-friendly).

The New York Times explains that there may be an upside to depression.

Talk to someone online at: 7 Cups of Tea or Blah Therapy.

And another New York Times article: How to Find Mental Health Care When Money is Tight.



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