Episode 23 – Inspired by Networks

While social networks are very useful in both professional and personal circles, this week we examine how the people in those networks are motivational, inspiring, and even necessary to maintaining a good level of happiness. Then, some stories of the silly, and even downright bizarre.

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Show Notes:

In this week’s show I talk about interest groups I’ve joined using Meetup.com. They’re a great resource for finding like-minded people in your local area to become a part of.

The fine folks at Mountain Equipment Co-op. A great place to get gear if you’re in Canada.

This week we get into a bit of Biblical inspiration. The passage I refer to is Luke 12:13-21.

Ramen anyone? Hans Lienesch has reviewed over 1000 kinds of instant noodles on his website, theramenrater.com. Useful? Silly? You decide.

Hombre borracho pierde parte de su pene y dice que fue un perro. Luckily, if you aren’t a Spanish Speaker, The Huffington Post brings us the story of a Domincan man who lost his bits and pieces to a stray dog while he was unconscious.

And finally, the story of Amelia Rose Earhart, not to be confused with the original Amelia Earhart, and yet, out to complete the journey that her predecessor never could. http://www.flywithamelia.org.


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