Episode 20 – A New Happy Road: Canadian Edition

Following a four-week break, The Happy Road Ahead resumes regular, weekly programming, now from its new recording studio in Victoria, BC, Canada. This week, we present a bird’s eye view of the City of Victoria in a brief travelogue segment. Then, some inspirational thoughts from around the web, including a truly great reflection on how to deal with critics, by Seth Godin.

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Show Notes:

Find out more about the City of Victoria.

Interested in what movies have been filmed there?

The west coast of Canada and the U.S. is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse places in the world.

A short, but sweet article from Andrew Loos about some great advice he got from his dad.

A really cool podcast about medical history: Sawbones.

The Blog site of Seth Godin, and his brilliantly worded article, Proving the Skeptics Wrong.



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