Episode 14 – I’m Not Bovvered!

This week, we take the symbolism of springtime renewal to heart, and explore seven ways to renew our lives. Then, do brain-boosting games actually boost brain power? Or is it just high-tech snake oil? And some quick tips on how not get offended when someone who owes you a “Thank you,” doesn’t!

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Show Notes:

This week’s episode was inspired by an article on Huffington Post’s Good News, by Dr. Terri Kennedy, president of Power Living Enterprises, Inc. The article is called: 7 Ways to Renew Your Life Today.

Like brain-boosting games? They may be fun, but maybe not quite as helpful as you believe they might be…

Finally, an iPhone/iPad app to help you become a more polite person, and send notes to people who might need the app more than you! Check it out on iTunes!



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