Episode 13 – I’ve Decided… To Have a Cup of Coffee!

This week’s episode focuses on one CEO’s efforts to help his company’s employees make good life decisions in three interesting ways. The Happy Road Ahead takes a closer look. Also, how a hundred year-old Neapolitan coffee tradition has become a European, and now a worldwide phenomenon, and some advice from British philosopher, Alan Watts, brought to life as a comic strip from a talented artist!

Show Notes:

An article on Inc.com, written by Blinds.com CEO, Jay Steinfeld, on three ways he helps his employees make good decisions.

Want to set up a wellness program at your company? Forbes.com has some good advice.

How suspended coffee is taking the world by storm, and a BBC video clip on this phenomenon in action, at a small, local British cafe. And directly related to this: “Pour It Forward” at Tim Horton’s, a Canadian, nation-wide coffee chain.

Gavin Aung Than at zenpencils.com gives his comic book artist’s take on a lecture given by Alan Watts on the importance of following one’s passion. Certainly the complete opposite view of last week’s episode featuring the work of Cal Newport.


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