Episode 11 – Nope! No Cowardly Lion Hiding in Here…

We continue with our exploration of the virtues of bushido. This week, courage is the theme, and stories of courageousness. Also, how the 6:1 ratio of criticism can bring happiness to your workplace, and the absurdity of airborne iPads.

Show Notes:

Learn about the nature of courage with Rebecca Perkins, in her Blog article.

Then, get inspired by the tales of three courageous individuals, including Kathryn Bolkovac, Nikolaos of Myra, and Irena Sendler.

And if you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can pick up a copy of Kathryn Bolkovac’s book on Amazon.

CNN asks: Can You Cope With Criticism at Work?

And the surreal story of a woman ended up with an iPod lodged in the bumper of her car.

Finally, many thanks to Alltop.com for listing us in their Podcast directory!


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