Episode 10 – Samurai Justice

This week, The Happy Road Ahead goes back in time, all the way to Episode 4, when we looked at the concept of Bushido — the Samurai Code of Honor, and looks at the virtue of justice, or rectitude. Listen in for a retelling of an ancient, but popular tale of Old Japan, and how it illustrates this concept. Also, learn about finding joy in life’s daily little things, and how giving to others can be uplifting and motivational.

Show Notes:

This week, we look at the concept of justice, as one of the virtues of bushido. Again, here’s another link to the online version of the epic work by Nitobe Inazo on the topic.

Anna Musky-Goldwyn tells us, that A Day Without Joy Is Just That.

One of the most popular professors at UPenn’s Wharton School is Adam Grant: prolific writer, researcher, and organizational psychology expert. He teaches us that by helping others, we find our own happiness and motivation.

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