Episode 1 – Emptying the Cups

Welcome all, to the pilot episode of The Happy Road Ahead!


Show Notes:

Thank you everyone for tuning in to this brand new project! I can’t wait to start getting into some of the subject matter… I’ve already started work on Episode 2, which will be airing on Monday, February 11, 2013, 07:00 EST. In the mean time, here are the show notes for Epsiode 1. There’s not too much to mention this week in the way of links and resources, but there are a couple.

  • An introduction to turning your hobbies into your job: A great Forbes article explains how
  • A dose of Zen – Where does the reference to the “empty teacup” come from?
  • An explanation of the show’s format and segments



The Free Music Archive: Zero V (Agree to Disagree album)

Freesound.org: EcoDTR, Goup1, bendodgerecordinghopkins.