Are you interested in advertising on The Happy Road Ahead?

Podcasts, much like radio and television advertising have the benefit of reaching thousands of potential customers very quickly and effectively! Unlike television and radio advertising, placing an ad on a podcast can cost only a fraction of what you might pay to a local radio station or television studio. When you consider production costs, finding voiceover talent, and all the people and broadcast equipment necessary, it’s no wonder that a simple ad can easily run into hundreds or thousands of dollars.

While we cannot promise the same, high volumes of listeners as a popular, nationally syndicated radio show, The Happy Road Ahead does have a steady, loyal listener base, and we are happy to provide curated advertising content that might be of interest to The Happy Road Ahead podcast listeners around the world.

If your company has a product or service that’s consistent with this podcast’s listener demographic, please contact us! We are able to deliver several 30 or 60 second advertisement spots during the course of our regular, weekly podcast. If you already have a radio-ready audio file, we can broadcast it as-is, or if you prefer, the host or guest co-host of The Happy Road Ahead, or a professional voice-over artist can read your ad for you. In addition, you will have the choice of having your ad stand alone, just like a traditional radio announcement, or as a sponsored segment of the show.

For inquiries and rates, send an e-mail to:


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